Hypertension Expert 

What is a Hypertension Expert?

Hypertension—AKA high blood pressure means that your heart is working too hard because your arteries are narrow and making it difficult for the blood to travel through your body. A Hypertension expert is a certified physician who has expert skills and experience in managing clinical hypertension. Certified Hypertension experts consult on challenging cases, providing advice and recommendations. A Hypertension expert can create a treatment plan for even the most difficult cases to reduce the patient's risk of cardiovascular disabilities. Some of the conditions that a Hypertension expert treats and helps manage are early-onset hypertension, adrenal hypertension, hypertensive heart disease, and Cushing syndrome, to name a few. Additionally, a Hypertension expert will schedule and provide diagnostics such as a hormonal evaluation to test for adrenal hypertension, stress testing, renal vascular ultrasound, and more. They will recommend treatments that range from renal artery angioplasty and stenting to clinical trials.