How Is a Pediatrician Different From a Family Doctor?

Both a pediatrician and a family doctor have the same medical training. The most significant difference is that a pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in children's medicine. During their medical training, their focus hones in on childhood diseases and preventative measures. Their education also examines the stages of childhood development. In contrast, a family doctor's training is broader, covering all age groups—consequently, a pediatrician has a deeper understanding of children's health needs and problems. It's great if a child can see a pediatrician from birth through 18 and even 21 years old. However, they must see a pediatrician when children are younger for preventative care visits such as vaccinations and to monitor their growth and development. A pediatrician is especially vital if your child is premature, has a congenital disability, or is special needs. These doctors also know how to interact with children in a way that helps the child feel comfortable in a medical office.