Teach Your Kids to Steer Clear oF Flu Germs With These Easy Methods

Kids are so cute, but they also share things without any thought to germs. This can cause them to catch any number of illnesses from colds to the flu. Teach them how to stop the spread of germs.

Children learn quickly. When you set out to teach them something they will remember it. Why not teach them to protect themselves from the flu bug this year?

Demonstrate proper hand washing techniques. If you aren't watching, your child may try to slip out of the bathroom without washing their hands. It's not neglect, but mostly because they are in a hurry and don't think that it is important.

Start by washing their hand with them. Sing a song to help them remember just how long they need to keep their hands lathered with soap.

Don't open doors with bare hands; use a paper towel. This is especially important when using public restrooms. Door knobs carry a variety of germs that we can't see. It can look perfectly normal but contain things like the influenza virus. Show your kids how to do it at home and away.

There is not always a sink available when you need one. Carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer can be used as a substitute. Here, teach them to rub their hands together until the sanitizer dries.

Carry tissues also, older kids can learn to reach for a tissue when they feel like sneezing. For younger ones who can't anticipate a sneeze, show them how to sneeze into the bend of their arm instead of their little hands. It's always tricky to teach a child to blow their nose. Blowing instead of sniffing mucus back into the nose prevents sudden sneezes that can spread germs everywhere.

Keep your children a safe distance from sick kids and adults. When they can't visit someone right away, explain to them about germs and how they spread to make someone sick. You don't want to scare them so remind them that when their friend gets well, they can visit once again.

Take them to receive the flu vaccine. The nasal spray vaccine is easier for kids to handle instead of a needle. Before they get it, discuss what will happen and why they are getting it. If they are old enough for the shot, assure them that it will be just a little pinch and then it will be over.

Children are lovable and major passers of germs. Mostly it's because they don't have a concept of what germs are. In the age of the swine flu and even the seasonal flu, teach them how to keep those pesky bugs at bay with a few techniques designed to prevent them from getting ill.


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