Vaccine Side Effects

Vaccine Side Effects

The Pros and Cons of vaccines and national vaccination policies 

The government, health authorities and pharmaceuticals tell us we should live in fear of all sorts of viruses and infectious diseases. 


They preach that the best way to protect our children from harm is to sign up for an ever increasing number and range of vaccines... and they go to great lengths to explain that there are virtually no risks to our children's health. But are they right? 

What do the parents that decide not to vaccinate know that the majority perhaps do not? This eBook examines the pros and cons of vaccines. 


It's an introduction to a subject that stimulates heated debate amongst the medical establishment, the media, the government and, most importantly, within families. It presents both sides of the argument in a way that is very rarely revealed or debated. 

The questions it raises could change the way you think about disease and how best to support the health of your family. 




1. What evidence is there that vaccines work? 

2. How important are antibodies? 

3. What do vaccine trials tell us? 

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